Long Time

It has been a very long time since my last post here, and much has happened in my life.  Unfortunately, I have to honestly say that in those things that have happened to me, I have not always been able to apply the lessons I am trying to learn here.

One of the lessons of the Tao is basically, what goes around comes around, so do not get too attached to things.  This is a very difficult lesson in one specific area of my life.  I have something that I am extraordinarily attached to, and even worse it is not physically present, so the attachment is purely emotional.  Which leads to great emotional disturbance at times, when my desire is disturbed or questioned.  I need to work on this.

I have also been busy with things that I do not consider to be very "important," but that cannot be ignored.  This makes me impatient and angry.  Also not exactly a Taoistic way of being.  But fortunately, as Chapter six points out, I have reason to keep on trying:

The valley spirit never dies.
It is the unknown first mother,
whose gate is the root
from which grew heaven and earth.
It is dimly seen, yet always present.
Draw from it all you wish;
it will never run dry.

(Translator: T. McCarroll)

I may run dry, and I have at times over the past two weeks, but I can always come back to the center, back to draw from the well. 

Breathing deeply, and letting things take their course, even my ardent desire, I can return to the center. 


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