Maybe if I Meditated Less…

I could post more here on my blog. 🙂  I have been thinking about doing about a million and one one things here, but just have not had time to follow through on any of them yet, so I am making a small beginning tonight.

The first thing I want to put up here is a list of meditation resources, so that people who stumble on to this page can at least get some actual benefit from it.  As a new meditator, I have basically nothing to teach, but there are lots of links to lots great material, both written and audio that I will get here.  But rather than put those resources in a post (or a series of posts) I am going to put them on a static page so they will always be accessible, for whatever that might be worth.

And speaking of pages, I will be putting up two more, but these two will actually be for you, dear reader. 🙂  Being that this is supposed to be an interactive medium, I am stealing an idea from another website.  But I am not going to link to it, and here is why. 🙂   The person was collecting stories of how and why people “deconverted” from Christianity and what they were doing now.   I won’t link to it because I don’t want to color any stories you might have.

I am going to put up two pages, and you can comment on either one or both of them.   You can tell us “What I Found” if you want to tell a postitive story of your belief system or philosophy or religion.    Or if you are in a negative frame of mind you can share, “What I Left” and say why you left behind a religion or other belief system.  All I ask it that you keep to your own story and not criticize ro flame others for their contributions.  I will reserve the right to remove comments like that and if it gets out of hand, I will take down the experiment in internet democracy. 🙂

Hope to hear from you…and I hope to begin regularly posting again as well.



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3 responses to “Maybe if I Meditated Less…

  1. Greg F.

    Why I left Buddhism. Pain cannot be escaped by our own efforts. Common sense tells all of us that. As long as you have a body, in this world, you will have pain and death. However, joy, even in the midst of pain can be found in Christ. I found that emptying the mind in medititation left only an empty mind, until the world pressed back in and I had to eat or go to work or use the restroom. I think it is a pretense to believe you can escape from the world. You are in it (and creation is glorious). And when the mind is empty the question of what to fill it with remains. The Holy Spirit fills us as Christians — God does not demand that we be empty as a wastebasket in order to be rewarded with the absence of pain — but that we open ourselves to God and find joy. It is also pleasant to have a good steak, a glass of wine, to laugh with friends or go to a World Series game, and not to pretend that none of that should be desired since desire is evil and causes pain. I feel sad when I think of those who work so hard and waste so much time turning away from everything good in order to escape everything bad.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Greg. I obviously don’t buy that, but it is OK for people to disagree.

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